About Us


Twenty years ago I had an abortion. Four years ago I went on a Rachel's Vineyard retreat where I realized I was basically dead within myself. Rachel's Vineyard retreat was like a specialty doctor for this illness because I came back to life. Now I serve on the Project Aurora retreat team and am eager to help others find this same saving experience. I am happy to be helping Project Aurora bring education and healing through their retreats and educational events.
Araceli Nunez, Medford, Oregon

I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Oregon for 28 years. I have been involved with Rachel's Vineyard for 2 years. When I attended my first retreat I was impacted by the level of healing and freedom that retreatants experienced. I found the retreat to be a powerful tool for those who have trauma or woundedness because of abortion, so I became involved with the retreats as a team member. I feel honored to be able to offer, through Project Aurora, an opportunity for those who need healing and freedom from the effects of abortion.
Kim Brouhard, Grants Pass, Oregon

I attended my first Rachel's Vineyard retreat in 2004. Later I began serving on the Rachel's Vineyard retreat teams in Oregon, and four years ago was asked to join the Board of Directors of Project Aurora. These both provide me an avenue to give back some of the blessings I have received through the Rachel's Vineyard ministry. I live in Waldport on the coast and I am now semi-retired. This is giving me some additional time to spend on Project Aurora activities, which pleases me immensely. Although I haven't practiced law in many years, I do have a Juris Doctorate degree and an inactive license to practice law. I use this legal background whenever it can be of assistance to Project Aurora.
Susan Swander, Waldport, Oregon

I had an abortion at age sixteen in Eugene which negatively altered my life in many ways. Those negative effects lasted until 2000 when I went on a Rachel's Vineyard retreat in Texas at age forty-six. My retreat experience profoundly changed and renewed my life which led me to co-found the Rachel's Vineyard retreats in the state of Oregon in 2001. To sponsor the retreats in mid to southern Oregon, I helped start a nonprofit corporation called Project Aurora. For eleven years I also served as the Project Rachel Coordinator for Catholic Charities developing teams and leading their retreats in the Portland and Bend areas. I developed and led the teams for Project Aurora in Eugene and Southern Oregon. Since 2001 I have led 52 retreats and seen nearly five hundred women and men receive healing from the destructive lies of abortion.
Lori Eckstine, Cottage Grove, Oregon

My life was changed when I attended a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat in 2003 and 2007. I forgave myself for having an abortion and the baby's father for not stopping me. In addition, experiencing God's sweet forgiveness brought healing and grace in a way I had never known. Since the retreats my participation as a "behind-the-scenes" worker or retreat team member have provided tangible ways to me to continue to be involved in a mission and ministry I am passionate about.
Jakki McDonald, Eugene, Oregon

For nearly 15 years, Project Aurora has been in the forefront of providing quality education, support and post abortion healing here in the state of Oregon. I first became aware of this organization when I was the Program Manager of Maternity Services for Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities was fortunate to hire Lori Eckstine as the Program Coordinator of Project Rachel while at the same time she developed the non-profit, Project Aurora. Under Lori's guidance, Oregon developed a national reputation for its effective post-abortion healing programs. During this time, Project Aurora assumed responsibility for providing the Rachel's Vineyard retreats in Eugene and Southern Oregon, while Project Rachel sponsored the Portland and Eastern Oregon retreats. It became a mutually beneficial partnership. As a Licensed Clinical Social worker, I was often a team member at the Rachel's Vineyards retreats held throughout the state. I was blessed to witness the incredible healing and restoration of women men suffering after an abortion. I have always been impressed with the level of professionalism and client centered practice of the Project Aurora Rachel's Vineyard teams. Most impressive is the powerful and life-changing impact of the retreats which address the mental, emotional and spiritual devastation of an abortion experience. In my experience, nothing has been more effective in promoting post-abortion healing than the Rachel's Vineyard retreats under the leadership of Lori Eckstine. I am retired now, but I will always look back at my involvement with the Rachel's Vineyard retreats (both under Project Rachel and Project Aurora) as one of the biggest blessings of my career.
Paula Lang MSW Portland, Oregon

When I was part of the Project Aurora Rachel's Vineyard Retreat team, I was amazed at the powerful way God uses this retreat to heal and change the lives of women who were suffering from the affects that having an abortion had on their lives. I saw women who on Friday night were filled with guilt and shame leave on Sunday joyful about the healing they had received on the weekend. Many of these women experienced forgiveness and reconciliation with God and were looking forward to the future.
Jari Kaufman, Cottage Grove, Oregon

After 14+ years of witnessing miracles of conversion and reconciliation for hearts broken by abortions and experiencing my own journey of spiritual growth with each retreat weekend, I am committed to giving all I have to this wondrous work of the Holy Spirit. I'm thankful that Project Aurora exists to facilitate the continuing work of Rachel's Vineyard Retreats.
Shirley Carpenter, Cottage Grove, Oregon

I am often the "odd man out" on Rachel's Vineyard retreat weekends as, quite literally, I am a post-abortive father who lost his only child to abortion in 1975. After being absolutely silent for 32 years, I acknowledged my loss in 2007 and attended my first RV retreat that same year. The healing I received was a gift from God, and I joined Oregon's Rachel's Vineyard teams in 2008, supporting the efforts of both Project Aurora and Project Rachel. Since joining, I have been part of more than 20 weekend retreats held at retreat sites near Medford, near Bend, and near Portland. My experience as a post-abortive father has allowed me to serve our retreatants by putting both a face and a voice to the suffering that we men silently live with, sometimes for decades. I am personally committed to participating in as many Oregon retreats as I am able.
Graham Rintoul, Winchester, CA (formerly of Oregon City, Oregon)