If They Told You

...If they told you, you were pregnant with just a blob of tissue, a mass of blood, a collection of cells, or a product of conception, they left out...

...That when the egg is fertilized by the sperm, a totally unique person is created with an entirely new and awesome genetic code.

...All this tiny person does is continue to evolve according to the lifelong genetic code energizing them to reach their fulfillment.

...From conception all of us had all our own special combination of characteristics, which makes us irreplaceable -- eye color, height, mannerisms, strengths. Every heart begins beating around 18 days. The brain waves are active around 42 days. Your one and only set of finger prints are present at 9 weeks.

...You are in and of yourself, in your very nature valuable with dignity and worth, which can't be separated from you. It's inherent.

It's a package deal -- we are valued simply because we came into existence at fertilization.

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